Code Challenge: #100 Days Of Code

Day 0: The Beginning of Journey

A LITTLE STEP may be the beginning of a Great Journey. ~ Unknown

I’ve decided to start the 100 Days of Code challenge to upskill myself as a Python Developer.

My Background :

I work as a Storage and Backup Admin in a large Enterprise Datacenter Operations Team. I’ve worked on multiple Enterprise Storage Solutions from vendors Netapp, Hitachi, EMC, IBM, HPE, and Backup Technologies such as IBM TSM, Rubrik, and Veeam. I also hold OS administration experience on RHEL, AIX, and Windows Server.

Having seen many of my friends' transition from Sysadmin to Developer Role, I thought why not give it a shot.

I’m a complete novice at code writing when I am beginning the course, except for sysadmin commands and Storage/Backup software CLIs.

Reason to pursue Python as a Language of Choice :

Python is evergreen and everywhere. It is used in Automation, Testing, Scripting, Machine Learning, Data Science, and so on. Also, It is a bit easier to learn compared to other High-level Languages, such as Java, Spring, Javascript, etc.

My Goal :

I will complete the 100 days of Code Challenge to become a Full-fledged python developer.

My aim is not to be a specialist, but a generalist who would like to dip his toes into different fields and skillsets.

I will daily post my updates regularly on Medium and Twitter on what I learned that day.

Hope to have a Great Time Learning Python. Wish me luck !!

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