100 Days of Python Pledge

Committing myself to the challenge

I Ajai Iyer am committed to completing the 100 days of Python Challenge.

I hereby pledge myself to work for at least an hour on Python programming for 100 days.

I will work myself on track, even though some days I might feel tired or frustrated.

I will keep myself accountable, even though I have lots of things to do.

I will make this a priority in my life.

I will overcome difficulties and achieve my goal.

I will become a python developer.

I believe in myself.

Signed: Ajai Iyer

Date Signed: 11th June 2021



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R Ajai Iyer

R Ajai Iyer

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Sysadmin , Novice Coder, Information Geek . Enjoys Reading General Knowledge books , learning new skills , and Cooking vegetarian food .