Day 0: The Beginning of Journey

A LITTLE STEP may be the beginning of a Great Journey. ~ Unknown

I’ve decided to start the 100 Days of Code challenge to upskill myself as a Python Developer.

My Background :

I work as a Storage and Backup Admin in a large…

Beginner Randomisation and Python lists.

Heads or Tails? Flip a coin, Don’t have it?

Code a program that does it for you !!

Gone for Lunch with Friends, and not able to decide, who is gonna pay the bill, A simple program to randomly pick the poor sod, who has to pay for all.

If, If-else, Elif: Welcome to the world of Loops

Learned about the concept of If-else statements. I created a program that takes a number as input and checks if it is even or odd.

After learning those concepts, I applied them to Explore Nested if-else concept. I wrote a program, which takes height and weight as Input and calculates their BMI.

Another Day, Another Beginning

This marks Day 2 progress. Today I learned about typecasting, data types, conversion from one data type to another.

Made a Program, which takes the input of a number and adds them together.

Then exploring more about type conversion and mathematical operators, I made a BMI calculator program :

Time to “Hello World” !!

“Hello World” — A Tradition every new programmer starts with when he/she begins their learning journey with a new language. The first piece of code you write !!

I too partook in this most important tradition !!

Hello World!

Learned the basics of String Manipulation, String Concatenation and basics of Debugging the code :

Committing myself to the challenge

I Ajai Iyer am committed to completing the 100 days of Python Challenge.

I hereby pledge myself to work for at least an hour on Python programming for 100 days.

I will work myself on track, even though some days I might feel tired or frustrated.

I will keep myself accountable, even though I have lots of things to do.

I will make this a priority in my life.

I will overcome difficulties and achieve my goal.

I will become a python developer.

I believe in myself.

Signed: Ajai Iyer

Date Signed: 11th June 2021

R Ajai Iyer

Sysadmin , Novice Coder, Information Geek . Enjoys Reading General Knowledge books , learning new skills , and Cooking vegetarian food .

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